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Audio Technica AT LP2D USB Vinyl to Digital Recording System

Do you have an extensive vinyl record collection that is gathering dust? Do you wish you could listen to your collection on your computer or mp3 player? Now you can. Audio-Technica LP2D is a turntable setup that allows you to convert your original vinyl into a digital format. You love your music collection and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be listening to it today. Bring your music collection into the 21st Century with Audio-Technica LP2D.

The Audio Technica LP2D model includes a stereo turntable with a built-in phono preamp that is able to connect directly into your computer via a USB connection. The LP2D package also includes professional audio recording software. Audio-Technica LP2D includes Cakewalk Music Recording Software for PC users. Cakewalk requires users to be running Windows XP or higher. Audacity Music Recording Software is included for Mac and PC users.

Audacity requires users to be running Mac OSX and higher or Windows XP and higher. These software setups will allow you to master your audio files, which includes removing record clicks and vinyl hiss from your recorded sound files. The LP2D plays 33 1/3 and 44 rpm speeds and includes a professional-quality Dual Magnet phone cartridge. The Audio Technica LP2D also has the ability to hook up directly to your pre-existing amp-based sound system equipped with either a phono or line-level input.

Audio Technica LP2D gives you the versatility you demand with your music collection. There is no longer an excuse for your vinyl records to remain stagnant on your shelf. Connect your collection with a world-class music-engineering product and discover new levels of appreciation for the music you already love. Since it entered the music recording industry in the early 1960’s, Audio-Technica has been consistently providing the world’s music aficionados with quality products that truly enhance the music listener’s experience. The Audio-Technica LP2D is the perfect tool to link your vinyl collection from the past with your music collection of tomorrow. Discover the future of your music collection today with the Audio-Technica LP2D.

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