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Audio Technica Turntables - Stereo Turntable Systems

Audio-Technica is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio equipment. The company’s origins date back to 1962 and impressive advancements have shaped this company’s strong grip on the industry.

In 1962, Hideo Matsushita of Japan founded Audio-Technica Corporation. The company created durable stereo phonograph cartridges for the Japanese market. It wasn’t long before the company needed to expand to a larger facility.

A year later, A-T established themselves in a more spacious building and developed a new line of quality phonograph cartridges and semi-integrated tone arms. As years progressed, the company kept up with advancing technology improving upon their phono cartridges.

In 1964, Audio-Technica designed a diamond stylus and received high praise for their newer line of phonograph cartridges. Diamond’s impressive hardness ensured phono styluses withstood frequent use. One year later, the company would win an award for their new stylus. Once again, their rapid expansion led to a move for more square footage.

A-T continued to offer exciting new products, including the very first copper phono cartridge. They also worked on a line of wireless microphones. Their wireless microphones thrilled many working in the media. This shifted focus to their line of microphones.

In 1991, A-T released a line of microphones that used cardioid condensers for exceptional sound quality. The new microphones won “best microphone” at the Audio Engineering Society’s annual awards. This led to a contract with the 1996 Summer Olympics and Olympics events for many years after.

Most recently, Audio-Technica is working on their SpectraPulseTM technology. UWB waves ensure spectacular audio quality that is previously unheard of in wireless equipment.

Audio-Technica’s Best-selling Turntables

Audio-Technica offers a variety of audio products. Two of the best selling lines come from their mixers and their turntables.



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