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Denon DP 300F Analog Record Turntable - Belt Drive

Everyone likes it when things are just, well, easy. For instance, if you buy a new car, you can reasonably expect that you aren’t going to have to give it an oil-change on the way home, and that things like the radio dial will be in the same fashion as the last car you drove so that you don’t have to think too much about how to switch to your favorite radio station.

If you did have to change the oil on the way home, you would probably begin to doubt the integrity of the car, and maybe even the dealer that sold it to you.

With the Denon DP-300F, you don’t have to worry. The setup time for the DP-300F is about five minutes from box to finish. This includes balancing the arm, laying the platter, and screwing in the cartridge – which by the way is included when you purchase the table. All you have to do is follow its easy instructions and you have a sturdy table, ready to go.

Once you have the DP-300F ready to go, you literally can put your vinyl down, lower the dust cover, press a button, and sit back to relax. You can even plug it directly into your receiver, as this turntable system houses its own preamp to boost the signal to line level.

The platter doesn’t warp as it turns, as is a common problem with many tables, and the DP-300F’s heavy, sturdy base provides stability to reduce vibration and improve performance. You can literally knock the desk your DP-300F is on and it will keep on playing (for obvious reasons this is not a recommended practice).

This Denon product also comes with a belt-driven rotational system that provides its user with both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds. The diecast aluminum turntable provides for homogeneous rotation and smooth playback, ease of use, and is sustainable. Add to this a sleek and futuristic visual appeal and the Denon DP-300F is your perfect choice for a steady, easy to use, reliable turntable system.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Denon USA



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