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Denon DP 500M Turntable - Denon Turntables

The DP-500M is a truly magnificent record player, in all respects. The analog sound that you will receive when you place its stylus onto your favorite record will be of such a superior quality that you will have trouble changing the record because your ears are too full of audio pleasure.

To start with (literally), the Denon DP-500M’s motor is high-torque, allowing for the almost immediate startup speed of 0.3 seconds. It also provides rotation that is extremely steady. Its tonearm supports many different types of cartridges, allowing you to optimize for any record collection or individual LP, and uses diecast parts to make it more rigid than others on the market. RCA analog outputs allow you to plug the DP-500M into any amplifier or outboard preamp.

The platter of the Denon DP-500M is die cast aluminum and is 13 inches. Throughout the whole machine there is deadening material to reduce interference, howling, and hollow sounds. The casing for the base of the DP-500M is beautifully lacquered to give the turntable a professional and classy appeal, as well as made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) to additionally support the silicon deadening material located throughout the whole unit.

If you are looking for superior analog playback, the Denon DP-500M is for you. It utilizes some of the most quality materials and techniques available on the market today and shines with elegance. Not only will this turntable make your records sound like liquid gold, it will make your whole home shine with elegant brilliance with its impeccable beauty.

Since Thomas Alva Edison first invented the phonograph on November 21, 1877, the world of sound has never been quite the same. Although Edision invented the phonograph to correctly record movements of peoples’ diaphragms and play them back. He saw great potential for this in the areas of scientific research as well as for helping the visually impaired, among other things. If he was alive today to see a machine like the Denon DP-500M, his brain would probably pop right out of his head.

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