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Denon Turntables - DP Turntable System

Since 1910, Denon has provided consumers with incredibly powerful audio equipment. Every year leads to advancements in their established product lines, while new technology guarantees Denon offers the very best in audio listening.

Frederick Whitney Horn of the U.S. started trading his record players to the Japanese market in the late 1800s leading to the development of his business named Japan-U.S. Recorders Manufacturing. This company would eventually merge with Nippon to become Denon.

The actual merger came in 1912, when they decided to team up their records and record players’ manufacturing and sales industries. Another decade passed when Nippon-Japan Recorders would partner with Columbia Records to create a vast line of records that could be played on their line of gramophones.

During the 1930s, Nippon Japan merged with Japan Denki Onkyo and shortened their company name to Denon. As Japan Denki Onkyo created turntables and cartridge tape recorders for broadcasts, the new merger tapped into a vast market. By the end of this decade, Nippon Japan would invent two industry-changing items—a professional disc recorder and a lathe that could create records.

After a name change and focus on tapping into a full range of audio supplies, Denon became a household name. Their dedication to audio proved fruitful in 1977 when they won Billboard Magazine’s “Trendsetter Award.” From pianos to turntables, Denon became a leader in innovative audio equipment and products.

Popular Denon Turntable Models

When you want a turntable that will last, Denon delivers. By focusing on quality and innovation, Denon’s easily earned their place among the very best of audio manufacturers.




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