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Gemini TT01 MK II Professional Audio Turntable - Belt Drive

How are you feeling today? Adaptable? Do you feel whimsical? Open-minded? Are you nimble, good at multi-tasking, critical, and dualistic in nature? If so, you might be compatible the Gemini TT 01.

Coming straight from the third astrological house to your record collection, this record player provides you with a way to enjoy your record collection whilst not tearing a hole in your pocket. Astrologically speaking, an ideal career for the Gemini TT 01 would be – you guessed it – a sweet-ass beginner’s turntable.

Whether you are looking for a reasonably priced way to rotate some old vinyl or are looking to test the record-collecting waters, or even trying to replace an older unit, this record player can give you the sound you need.

The TT 01 features detachable RCA and ground cables, effectively eliminating the chances that you will rip them out by accident. For those of you who prefer dust covers, it comes with one. For those of you who don’t like dust covers, you can take it off. If you like target lights, you can add one to the TT 01 if you choose, although it is not included.

Following the Gemini’s dualistic nature, you can select from two speeds, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, meaning you can play both older and newer records on a whim. The counterweight is adjustable on the straight tone arm, and you can adjust the pitch with the slider up on the side. The platter is aluminum and pretty sturdy, with finger-grooves along the rim. The turntable is reasonably easy to setup and Gemini also includes a CN-1000 cartridge and felt slipmat to make our lives a little bit easer. If you want to upgrade the cartridge you can, just know that you will have to purchase it.

The Gemini TT 01 will suit your record playing needs and make you feel at peace with your own dualistic nature at the same time. Do you like full sound but don’t want to pay full price? Do you want an adaptable turntable but don’t want to put too much time into setting it up and reading lengthy manuals? Try the TT 01.

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