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Gemini TT02 MKII High Torque Direct Drive Turntable

Just finished watching Scratch? Want to be the next Oakenfold or RJD2, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve found the right webpage.

The Gemini TT 02 is (you guessed it) the 2 nd line of the Gemini turntable series. The TT 02 is designed for future turntableists who are just trying to get their feet wet. Hey, even Z-Trip [link:] had to start somewhere! The great advantage you have over Z-Trip, however, is access to an affordable turntable with a direct drive motor

The difference between direct drive and belt drive lies in torque, or the turning force of a record player. Belt driven turntables have less torque because they have a rubber-esque belt that the motor rotates, that in turn makes the platter (where your records sit) rotate.

Generally, belt driven turntables are not as good as direct drive for scratching and such, because direct drives are directly applying torque to the platter. So, when you pull back in the reverse direction on the direct drive, the record will resume playing faster than if you did so with a belt. Dig?

The Gemini TT 02 has a direct drive motor. It is also inexpensive. If you are looking to start scratching, or even just looking for a more responsive turntable that doesn’t cost a kidney, this record player is a nice choice. In addition to the aforementioned direct drive capabilities, the 02 has some other neat features as well:

It comes with a (upgradeable and replacable) cartridge and felt mat for the platter, a straight tonearm with an adjustable counterweight, and a removable dust cover. The platter of the TT 02 has nice little grooves in it for gripping while you spin, and is solid aluminum for sturdiness.

Additionally, the 02 is heavier, making it sturdier than many other turntables on the market. It weighs in at 12.5 pounds. Generally, the heavier the turntable is the better, because it means you can’t shove it around too much and make it skip or otherwise alter the sound. Check it out.

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