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Gemini TT 04 Direct Drive Turntable

Ah, the mixmaster. can now take another level higher with the Gemini TT 04. No longer do his hands interact with the records, platter, and fader, it seems as if his brain is directly hardwired to his equipment.

Throughout human technological history, we have been trying to narrow the gap between our creative minds and be the tools we use to express the ideas we generate. Turntableism is no exception, and throughout the evolution of sound equipment record players have gotten increasingly more advanced and easier to use. The Gemini TT 04 is one such example of high technology in sound equipment. (Needed to get the product introduced

To start with, the Gemini TT 04 weighs a whopping 20.1 pounds (9.1 kg). This doesn’t mean it’s any bigger than other turntables, it merely means that it has more to it. You can be sure this baby won’t budge unless you want it to, however.

Combine this with Gemini’s “Ultimate High Torque” direct drive motor system and a magnetic platter controlled by a central processing unit (CPU), and your only limit for spinning and scratching becomes your own abilities. Even so, this turntable system gives its user further control over starting and braking with an adjustment feature, so you will never loose the groove.

The TT 04 also features a solid aluminum platter with little finger grooves evenly spaced around it and rubber damping. You can spin in reverse with this table via the LED button on the bottom left of the unit. The tone arm is straight and very adjustable in both height as well as by counterweight and anti-skating controls, which allows for superior tracking. It has illuminated controls, a built-in light, three speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, respectively), head shell you can take off, and comes with a felt slip mat and detachable RCA and ground cables.

The TT 04 is Gemini’s star cruiser, the imperial battleship of their Navy, the F-117 of Gemini turntables. If you are serious about DJing and like Gemini’s products, this is a great option for you. Even if you aren’t serious about DJing, the Gemini TT 04 is still a really sweet turntable and it would do you some good to play around with it.

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