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Gemini Turntables

Founded in 1974, Gemini Sound Products manufacturers both audio and video equipment for professionals and home audio aficionados. Per recent statistic, company sales averaged $60 million per year.

Gemini was a branch of Gemini Speaker Systems, an innovative company that opened in 1969 and manufactured quality speakers. After Gemini branched out to include DJ equipment, they developed a decent following.

Within a decade, Gemini attended, and was well received, the National Association of Music Merchants tradeshow. This helped bring their products to the limelight. However, unlike their competition, the father-son team running Gemini kept a close eye on the company’s growth and carefully monitored sales. This is certain to have helped the company succeed.

In 1997, they needed to expand when they acquired a theatrical lighting company. They opened a new plant in Carteret, New Jersey in a building three-times larger than it’s former manufacturing plant. Sales were not as impressive as they first thought, so they downsized a few years later moving into their new, smaller headquarters in Edison, New Jersey.

Popular Gemini Turntable Models

Over the years, Gemini has provided quality audio equipment to DJs. Nothing is better than their line of turntables. Some of their best sellers include:

TT 01: The TT 01 is a belt-drive turntable that allows the user to change pitch with a slider. Start and stop buttons are illuminated making them easy to find in a darker setting. The turntable plays both 33 1/3 and 45s and has a straight tone arm. It comes with a CN-1000 cartridge and a felt slip mat.

TT 02: Gemini’s TT 02 offers a high torque direct-drive system with a pitch slider. The aluminum record platter features easy glide groves. With their durable tone arm, you also get an adjustable counter weight and anti-skating controls. The TT 02 plays both 45s and 33 1/3s. The start/stop button and RPM controls light up making them easy to find in dark clubs or bars.

TT 03: The TT 03 has a higher torque motor than previous models. The direct-drive turntable is controlled by a CPU. Other advancements include an adjustable tone arm with counter weights, light up controls and a push button lock.

TT 04: Gemini’s more advanced model comes packed with impressive features. The TT 04 provides a whopping 11 pounds of torque to the CPU controlled motor system. The aluminum platter offers rubber damping for superior sound. The turntable plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78s. Working in a darker location is a piece of cake thanks to the LED lighting on the controls.

With Gemini’s lengthy history producing quality audio equipment, you’ll find the turntables are some of the best on the market. Gemini turntables are definitely impressive.



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