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Ion Audio LP 2 CD USB Turntable

One button on Ion Audio’s LP 2 CD USB Turntable plays records and burns them into CDs fast. Double the action by USB connection to PC or Mac® and digitally archive your vinyl.

LP 2 CD USB Lights the Way with LED Display

No need to hook up to computer to make it real. Ion Audio builds RAM and LED display right into their LP 2 CD USB Turntable to let you see artist, album and song info to customize and edit tracks like a pro before your record. Or just copy your old album whole.

Power rapid music transfers easily into iTunes, iPod or MP3s through your LP 2 CD USB Turntable. Ion Audio includes PC software EZ Vinyl Converter 2 and EZ Audio Converter for Macs® to auto-detect lead time on tracks and zap out snap, crackle-pops and hisses and from LP fatigue. Your system needs:

*Two recording programs included. EZ Vinyl Converter demands Mac OS 10.4 or later. Version of Audacity compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS 10.1 or higher. Mac OS 9 download Audacity v1 free at

LP 2 CD USB Turntable Fully Loaded

Ion Audio designed this player with YOU in mind:

Choose your best old grooves to cruise by. LP 2 CD makes CDs from vinyl so you can take those tunes to travel. Ion Audio lets you mix it up and fix it down into your library. Use included software like free download version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote ™ MusicID for naming tracks. Pop in a CD, play vinyl, hit record and let 'er rip. Quick, clean. Cool machine!

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