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ION TTUSB05 Turntable Turns Your Records Into MP3s

We all know how convenient music players have become since the creation of the phonograph by Albert Alva Einstein on November 21, 1877, and can agree it has come quite a long way.

Some products that have been consistently overlooked throughout the past century, however, are the ones that have helped to bridge the gap between music players and storage devices.

For many years, it has been difficult and even arduous to take analog tracks from vinyl records and turn them into digital files for use with devices such as computers, mp3 players, and CD players.

With so many peoples’ record collections becoming more and more worn down after years of play on turntables, is becoming more imperative for people to be able to preserve their collections. There is also a growing demand from home DJs for a method to better digitize their records for use with programs such as Serato and Ableton Live. The Ion TTUSB05 is one of these convenient pieces of technological innovation that allows people to do so easily.

The TTUSB05 enables users to turn their analog music on vinyl into digital mp3 files. It has a USB computer jack that plugs directly into any Mac or PC, meaning no messy transferring of files from device to device. Once the music is on your computer, you can transfer your favorite vinyl recordings onto CDs, your iPod, and even make custom playlists from your old analog songs using Ion’s software suite, and edit it too!

The EZ Vinyl Converter makes it easy to import music into your iTunes music library. Users can download a version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote® MusicID technology for free and it will add album, artist, and song information for you automatically! You can then use Audacity [link:] to edit your songs and reduce the noise from worn records.

The TTUSB05 gives you all the components necessary to transfer your collection from analog to digital. It comes with a cartridge and stylus, a dust cover that is built-in, an adapter for 45 RPM records, a slipmat, and cables.

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