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ION Audio iTTUSB Turntable with USB Port for Recording to Computers

A lot of professional Disc Jockeys like to complain about the new breed of “laptop DJs” that don’t have the years of technical experience and know-how to beatmatch or mix on their own. The argument usually states that anyone with iTunes or an mp3 player can play the latest Justice song or even Thriller to get the dance floor moving.

Most of them, however, steer clear of dissing software and hardware that helps them digitize their music, such as Serato, or, in this case, the Ion TTUSB10. The big brother of the TTUSB05, the TTUSB10 is a bit more versatile and provides its users with both the chance to digitize their record collection as well as the chance to keep those records in rotation on the platter.

We all have our stacks of records sitting in the basement, or in a dusty closet corner, that we would love to listen to but just don’t want to devote the effort to because we have such newer music on hand, either digitally or in the form of newly released vinyl.

The TTUSB10’s unique USB port enables you to connect it directly to your computer, be it a PC or a Mac. This means you can then take your newly digitized music, edit it, and put it onto a cd, in iTunes, or on your mp3 player. Ion’s exclusive (and free) software, EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote® MusicID technology allows users to automatically add information about the album, songs and artists as the tunes are imported into your music library. With the free software Audacity you can remove the noise from your worn or warped records and convert 78 RPM vinyl

In addition to all of these key features, the Ion TTUSB10 also provides users with the ability to listen to their records analog-style. You can hook it up to your stereo without a preamp! Additionally, you are provided with a line input so you can hook other sources into it such as cassette players, and digitize your tapes!

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