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Numark TT1600 MKII DJ Turntable

Pro DJs choose the low-priced TT1600 MKII Turntable for its straight-ahead Numark versatility. The solid belt-drive motor runs an aluminum platter in horizontal and vertical symmetry, using a deluxe tracking system with cue and anti-skate adjustability.

Dependably built, Numark’s TT1600 MKII is ideal for experts integrating battle and club tables or adding a third deck to their equipment. The turntable has detachable audio and power hook-ups and spins at 33-45 RPM with ±10% pitch range.

TT1600 Turntable - Reliable and Affordable

Numark delivers a design of durable reliability in the TT1600 MKII. The Turntable’s straight aluminum tonearm is fitted with a precision, pre-mounted Groove Tool cartridge. The platter is provided with protection against vibration interference. Best of all, it won’t deplete your bank account.

TT1600 MKII Standard Features:

The internal structure of the TT1600 MKII Turntable is strong and stable. Its belt-drive motor runs at maximum productivity for a minimum of the cost of other high maintenance machines. Numark consults the authorities, practiced in their craft through years of trial and error, for special inside manufacturing tips only a dj master knows.

Are You NUMARK Experienced?

Count on Numark to respect industry demands by turning out excellent products, designed with efficiency, flexibility and the DJ expert, in mind. You can supplement your set up inexpensively with the TT1600 MKII Turntable, a package complete with all the tools you need to get the total dj experience.

Turntablists know where to go for the best deals on dj decks. Check out the Numark TT1600 MKII, the Turntable built to beat the band…and in your budget to boot!.

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