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Numark TT200 Direct Drive Fusion DJ Turntable

Pick it up for not much down, the Numark TT200 Turntable. Affordable but durable and built for scratching and clubbing, this deck is direct drive with higher torque power than the Technics 1200s.

The TT200 Turntable has the quality and long-range reliability of a high-end machine, but at a reasonable price. Numark crafted this table to meet dj demands – heavy handling with a solid core feel and a top of steel. The rubber base, aluminum diecast platter and versatile straight or S-shaped tonearm are made with the expert in mind.

Numark Knows You Mean Business!

The TT200 Turntable gets real with features:

Totally Awesome Totally Manual TT200

The fully manual Numark TT200 Turntable, with 3 speeds, has the power to sustain any dj operation. Specifications are:

Get Pro Results With TT200

The TT200 has Numark’s 3-bearing construction, housed in a diecast aluminum tonearm, with a locking collar-based interchangeable tube system. The Cue System is composed of a dampened lift lever, arm rest and clip. Check tonearm’s other specs:

Scratch and sharpen your dj skills on the Numark edge. The high torque, super-powered TT200 is priced for the now economy, exchanging a fully functioning, feature-packed, professional Turntable…almost…for a song.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Numark



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