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Numark TTUSB USB Turntable Vinyl Record Player CD MP3

We all have old records laying around, getting stepped on; maybe some of them we keep around because they have one really hot track, or others because of sentimental value.

Maybe, once in a blue moon, we’ll take out that old CSNY and throw it on for a song or two. But most of the time, it just sits there, in the corner, occasionally getting knocked around a bit when you kick it in the middle of the night whilst trying to get a glass of water.

The time-tested sound equipment brand Numark has come out with its own version of a turntable-to-USB unit. The Numark TTUSB is ideal for digitizing your vinyl record collection to your PC or Mac because it just makes the process so easy.

It comes standard with every component you could need for turning analog sounds from your record into digital ones on your computer, along with software to get rid of the pops and clicks that come from worn records. Additionally, it comes with the lineouts and cables necessary for connecting it straight to your stereo system and listening, in analog, to your favorite tunes. So, not only can you turn your LP records into mp3s with this system, you can also listen to them at the same time!

On top of this, you can also digitize your cassettes (and other, similar line level sources) with the TTUSB’s convenient 1/8 inch line input connector. The package also includes the software Audacity , which makes editing a snap on either a PC or a Mac by including lots of features and a user-friendly interface.

By turning your analog music into WAV files or mp3’s you can ensure you will be able to listen to your record collection whenever you want, wherever you want, and for as long as you want. And with the Numark TTUSB, you can still spin your old favorites with the analog sound embedded!

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