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Numark TT-X USB 3 Speed Phono Turntable for Professional DJ

Among brands that cater specifically to professional DJs, Numark Industries stands out as an innovator. They are a global company, supplying DJ equipment to clubs around the world. They design not only turntables but mixers, DVD mixing consoles, CDJs, and mixing software. In recent times, they bought up Alesis and Akai, and launched a second brand called Ion Audio.

It is not for little reason that Numark is regarded as an industry standard, and their turntables are used in most clubs around the world.

The TTX is completely up to standard with this vision of Numark. Designed for performance, it has a whole host of features.

To start, it has the first user-adjustable ultra-high torque direct drive, allowing DJs to select from three different torque resistances depending on their style, mood, and the type of music they are playing – kind of like shifting gears on a bike or in a car.

It also has an interchangeable diecast aluminum tone arm, which is handy for DJs who prefer to use S or straight shaped tonearms (it comes with both). Also interchangeable are the pitch fader and button cartridges, again tailoring the TTX to its user’s unique style; you can set it up in either battle or club mode relatively easily. It also has rubber base construction and a solid-core steel top to help get rid of vibration and diminish unwanted noise.

The anti-drag aluminum platter all but stamps out rotating friction, while the adjustable brake times help to give users heaps of control. The pitch is selectable up or down to fifty percent, and it has a key lock to keep the sound in key whatever tempo you are spinning at.

Add to these features height, anti-skate and cue adjustments, a built-in beats per minute counter, three selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM), coaxial digital outputs, selectable phono/line output without grounding, detachable ins and outs with an illuminated output bay, and a headshell, and you have yourself a formidable turntable system at an affordable price. All in all, the Numark TTX certainly lives up to its brand status.

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