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Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable and MP3 CD Player

Powered for pros, Numark’s X2 Hybrid Turntable, primed for vinyl play and control simultaneous with audio or MP3 data CDs, has pitch adjustment for both, and total MP3 steady playback capacity for anti-shock manipulation, looping, and scratching.

Numark X2 Hits New Heights

The X2 Pro Hybrid direct-drive Turntable runs a Numark Industry-standard high torque motor (4.5 kg·cm), constructed for stable, reliable long-lasting use. Interchange precision-built S-shaped or straight, aluminum tonearm and make height, cue and anti-skate adjustments. This deck spins an anti-drag, 12-inch platter, and is built rock solid to minimize noise and vibrations.

Extraordinary X2 Features:

Numark X2 Hybrid Techno-Logics CD Section:

Phono Section:

TT Section:

Djs who know get The X2 Pro - Numark Professional Hybrid Turntable and MP3 CD Player.

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