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Nurmark Turntables

Named Music Trades’ “Company of the Year” in 2008, Numark is a leader is audio equipment for both the home and professional user. Their engineers are skilled in keeping up with modern technology and continually advancing their products beyond expectations.

Over the years, Numark has branched out to form smaller, specialized companies. You may recognize these companies.

- Akai
- Alesis
- ION Audio

History of Numark

Founded more than three decades ago, Numark lives up to their motto: “Listening. Researching. Responding. Hear Numark.” They are always looking to advance audio equipment used by professional DJs.

One of Numark’s biggest breakthroughs was the iPod mixer. This handy mixer hooks up to an iPod giving DJs access to their vast libraries of music without having to tote heavy racks of vinyl or CDs.

Numark has also been behind the birth of 10-inch mixers, CD players that come with special effects and turntables with the highest torque available.

Numark’s Popular Turntables

Numark is a leader in turntables for professionals. They have a huge selection of models.

CDX: Though it looks exactly like a turntable, the CDX is actually an impressive CD player. The CDX is loaded with special features like the DSP effects, nice selection of scratch modes and a vacuum fluorescent display monitor that shows BTM, time and unit. The CD player is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW.

PT01: PT01 runs on either electricity (12V) or batteries. The small turntable is lightweight and has a built-in carrying handle. Other handy features include a dust cover and the capability to play 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm.

TT1600MK11: Numark’s TT1600MK11 runs at 33 1/3 or 45 rpm making it a nice addition to your stereo equipment. It’s a base model that comes with the necessities including a straight tone arm and cueing and anti-skate adjustment controls.

TT1650: The TT1650 is a high-torque turntable model that plays LPs or 45s. The start/stop controls allow for easy operation. In addition, you’ll enjoy the cueing and anti-skate controls and rubberized feet that minimize vibrations. The tone arm is S-shaped and has a Groove Tool cartridge.

TT200: This affordable Numark turntable comes with an impressive high torque motor. The pitch fader is easily replaced and comes with a replaceable target light.

TTUSB: The TTUSB easily hooks up to your computer. Use this handy feature to upload your favorite records to your computer where you can clean them up for playback or possibly burn them to a CD. The TTUSB also has a jack that allows you to add a cassette player or other audio equipment.

TTX: The TTX is a USB compatible turntable. A silicon base helps eliminate feedback and unwanted vibration. The direct-drive motor is high-torque and can be adjusted by the user. Plus, the turntable provides exceptional cuing, height adjustments and anti-skate features.

x2 Hybrid: The x2 Hybrid is one of Numark’s greatest inventions. Not only are DJs treated to the highest-torque motor on the market, but also they have a patented technology readily available. The x2 offers the Built-in BeatkeeperTM for CD beat calculations, anti-shock buffers and CD controls with vinyl interlock that is not found in any other model.

Numark’s a leader in innovative products. Their turntables will leave you speechless and ready to get to work.





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