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Pioneer CDJ 100S Professional Table Top CD Player with Effects

Depend on Pioneer’s CDJ-100S Table-Top CD Player to boost your Professional DJ performance. Digital Jog Break lets you infuse your own analog dj effects and sounds into your music.

Slot In at Super Speed!

Pioneer has crafted CDJ-100S Table-Top CD Player with Slot In Method for state-of-the-art high song-load velocity – about four seconds - and disc transitions are smooth and easy. Get instantaneous music kick-off in less than 0.01 seconds by hitting Play on Quick Start, and synchronize rhythms with precision.

Living up to their name, Pioneer is first in the Industry to build Master Tempo into a Table-Top CD Player. The Pro CDJ-100S comes with a control that holds the pitch of your music when the tempo varies. Maintain instrumental and vocal tones while changing the beat.

Get Zip…Get Jet…Get Set!

CDJ-100S is designed with Jog Dial to give you a Professional Table-Top CD Player that replicates features found in analog turntables. The Pioneer Zip is the use of this tool to modulate sound pitch without changing the tempo…lowering a pitch creates analog slow-down sound of the Braking effect.

Professional Table-Top CD Player CDJ-100S produces Pioneer’s Jet Sound Wave when you add Short Delay, just like Flanger caused by DJs using dual analog tables.

Hold Tight, It’s Alright!

Press Hold Button on CDJ-100S to KEEP your current Jog Dial setting while you remove your hand. When Hold Function is OFF, Table-Top CD Player is Pioneer-engineered to ease back to its original setting almost imperceptibly.

CDJ-100S is Pioneer’s answer to any roving DJ’s needs. Weighing 4lbs 14 oz ( and at 8-9/16” x 3-3/4” x 12-1/4” (217.7 x 94.5 x 310.7mm), Pioneer Table-Top CD Player packs up sweet, neat and complete with features that make your deal real. See other features and functions below.

Visit Pioneer for specification details, tips, tricks, forums and demos.


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