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Pioneer CDJ 200 Digital CD Player with Effects

Pioneer perfects DJ Professionalism with CDJ-200 Pro CD and MP3 Player, supporting MPEG-1 & 2 Audio Layer-3 Sampling, and with Jet, Zip, Wah, and Digital Jog Break functions for mastering the world of REMIX.

Bend It - Frame It - Find It…FAST!!

CDJ-200 CD Player turns any DJ on with the Pioneer Pro-sized (3.9 inches) Jog Dial, touch-sensitive to correct out-of-synch beats. Rotate it one direction for Pitch Bend to change tempo, go the other way for speed. Rotate the wheel in Pause Mode to search 1/75 sec Frame Units. Hold the Manual Search or track search button and simultaneously turn dial for Super-Fast Search – higher than normal track and search functions.

Here We Go Loop D’Loop

Pioneer provides a superior looping tool with the CDJ-200 Pro CD Player. Real Time Seamless Looping lets you set loops instantaneously with track start, or just prior to track end for and endless loop. In addition, one-touch Adjust Mode tweaks to the loop-out point, enabling looping to operate.

To replicate DJ monitoring of analog needle position, Pioneer developed Playing Address for CDJ-200 CD Player Professionals to view playback position of a track as a bar graph progression on display. Graph length indicates track position.

Control Freaks Master CDJ-200 Pro

Pioneer loads this Pro CD Player up. Check total controls on CDJ-200 below:

Tempo Control: 3.9 in. long, highly accurate slider adjusts tempo. Display calibration in 0.02% digital units (within +/- 6% range). Adjust tempo easily with more precision.



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