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Pioneer CDJ 400 Digital CD Deck with MP3 and USB Audio

Serious DJs turn to Pioneer’s CDJ-400 for total access and control of all their music sources, including MP3 Players, thumb drives and external hard drives, and PC dj software like Pioneer DJS and SERATO® Scratch LIVE.

Pioneer CDJ-400’s brilliant LCD dot-matrix screen displays music files from music players and storage devices, CDs, CD-R/RWs for fast selection with spin and pressure of multi-functioning knob/button.

DJs Ply Their Craft On Pioneer CDJ-400!

Pioneer engineered MIDI Control and software capability into CDJ-400, enabling it to be a native controller in PC mode. Moving the pitch slide on the machine is synonymous with moving it in the software, without use of a timecode CD. With your Turntable in Midi mode, every button can be assigned to activate DJ software functions inherent in different programs.

Scratch Toil & Trouble with Trans and Bubble

Pioneer creates the planet’s first Scratch Jog Effect in the CDJ-400 elevating scratch-ability in a digital DJ player. Professionals can now add Bubble, Trans, and Wah effects to their old standby “vinyl” scratch mode in a nanosecond, or use a “hold” button to keep effects playing through session until button release, a function readily accessible throughout play.

Never fear, Pioneer is simple and clear. The CDJ-400 is intuitive for Professionals with its logical button and USB placement on a clean, top-panel design. Looping, Cueing and Jog features will unleash the skills of the DJ master. See below:

Pioneer CDJ-400 comes with +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100% (WIDE) Pitch Ranges, and Master Tempo (Pitch Lock).

For all Pioneer features and functions packed into CDJ-400 Pro CD Player, visit Pioneer


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