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Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Digital CD Deck with Scratch Jog Wheel

Sleek and sharp, Pioneer powers up the CDJ-800MK2 to play MP3s; CBR or VBR, at any bitrate from CD-R or CD-RW. New metallic 7-inch Jog Dial feels sturdier with a non-slip surface for better scratching.

Visuals are brighter and nearer to the surface on CDJ-800MK2 Jog Dial Display. The addition of 45-degree markers helps visual cueing. Pioneer’s CD/MP3 Pro Turntable is enhanced to illuminate CD-Text and ID3 data for fast track identification.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Professional Turntable has expanded Internal Memory with capacity for recording, storing and immediate recall of your most often used memory points.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Pro Turntable Navigate and Playback Functions:

Loop In Loop Out

The CDJ-800MK2 has Pioneer’s Auto Beat Loop feature and lets you create flawless 1,2,4 or 8 beat loops on the fly, using four timing buttons. Get instant 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 beat cuts from loops you produce manually with the loop in and loop out buttons, and fraction the beat down to 1/32nd, by holding the Loop-in button.

Get Back Track…Jack!

A little pressure on the Jog Wheel will activate Pioneer’s CDJ-800MK2 Quick Return to flash a track back to a cue point, over and over again.

Specs and physical attributes on the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Professional CD/MP3 Turntable include:



Pioneer features “Wide” Pitch Control with +/- 100% pitch control range on the CDJ-800MK2 Turntable to let the experts match various tracks by BPM and come from opposite ends of the sound spectrum to create new sound effects.

For all Pioneer features and functions packed into Pioneer CDJ-800MK2, visit Pioneer


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