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Pioneer PL 990 Fully Automatic Turntable

Vinyl record collectors and aficionados seeking a reasonably priced, high quality, totally Automatic Turntable, will discover it at Pioneer. The PL-990 is a well-built, beautifully designed and affordable answer to your search.

The PioneerĀ® legacy of pure audio experience is found in the solid state construction and reliable circuitry of the PL-990 Automatic Turntable, an affordable component that represents the best in audio engineering and manufacturing.

Pioneer Perpetuates Superior Quality

The PL-990 fully Automatic Turntable produces the fine fidelity your precious records deserve. Pioneer applies moving magnet technology with trademark precision to the operation of the micro-electromagnetic generator inside the stereophonic cartridge. The diamond stylus rides your vinyl grooves gently (with less tracking force), and faithfully.

PL-990 Minimizes Vinyl Fatigue

Pioneer made the PL-990 with an internal phono EQ so essential to good sound production. The Automatic Turntable spins records at 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, will add enduring vinyl dimension to your audio equipment and years of listening pleasure to your irreplaceable record collection.

Pioneer craftsmanship is the foundation for the PL-990 Automatic Turntable and the superior sound your ears expect.

Pioneer PL-990 Features are:

The motor bearings of the PL-990 and the dynamics of its tonearm are balanced specifically to minimize wear and tear on records. Pioneer created an Automatic Turntable with the preservation of your vinyl in mind.

Play all your LPs and 45s on a machine that maximizes your listening pleasure and commit your vinyl antiquities to posterity with the Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Turntable. For visuals, more information and full details on this record player, be sure to visit: Pioneer

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