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Pioneer Turntables

Older than Sony, Pioneer has provided the world with outstanding audio equipment for seven decades. DJs love Pioneer’s continual advancements and quality equipment.

Look at Pioneer’s Achievements

Nozomu Matsumoto founded Pioneer in 1938. At the time, his goals were to design quality speakers, and he spent his days repairing speakers in his garage. After the design of his A-8 dynamic speaker, Matsumoto was clearly on the way to a great career.

That same speaker was not introduced to the public for another 15 years, but its popularity helped the company grow. By 1961, the name Pioneer Electronic Corporation was set and the company stocks became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

After going public, Pioneer lived up to their name and developed the first stereo system in the world. This all-in-one system eliminated the need to purchase separate audio components.

In 1975, Pioneer started selling the first component car stereo available. Their reputation for being a “Pioneer” was set.

Other big achievements:

1982 –CD player and professional Karaoke machine

1984 – Automotive CD player

1985 – 40-inch projection monitor

1990 – GPS system

1992 – 4x CD-ROM

1997 – DVD-R drive

1997 – 50-inch HD plasma display

1999 – DVD recorder

2008 – 16-layer Blu-ray Disc with 400 GB storage

One of Pioneer’s biggest achievements was the development of the LaserDisc player in the 1980s. Similar to today’s DVDs, LaserDiscs were huge, 12-inches, and provided better picture quality than VHS tapes. Unfortunately, the players were expensive and discs had to be handled with incredible care.

Pioneer’s Top Selling Turntables

Pioneer’s engineers are also looking at the market and creating equipment that fits a need. Their turntables offer impressive quality and features.

CDJ800: While it looks like a space-aged turntable, the CDJ800 allows you to show off your talent with any CD. Auto beat looping, impressive pitch control range and jog dial quick return are all useful features. Controls are all on top making it easy to create a memorable performance.

DVJX1: Pioneer’s DVJXI is a professional audio and video turntable. Features on this model are guaranteed to impress. Use DVDs and create your own mixes. Three cue points, real-time looping and instant reverse are just some of the impressive options. Create impressive video shows with the DVJX1.

PL 990: The PL 990 is a fully automated turntable. Affordable and nicely sized, the turntable plays both speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. Phono equalizer is built in to this unit. In addition, it comes with a solid dust cover.


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