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Sony PS-LX250 Turntable - Belt Drive Fully Automatic Turntables

If you are looking to enjoy your vinyl collection in a way that is unintimidating and simple, then look no further than the Sony PS-LX250 Turntable. Designed for easy use and versatility, the PS-LX250 is an affordable, quality option for both vinyl aficionados and casual listeners alike. In a music world oversaturated with MP3s, digitally encoded vinyl, and MIDI interfaces, Sony takes us back to the basics.

PS-LX250 Keeps It Simple

Pull the PS-LX250 out of the box and you will find that it requires little assembly: attach the dust cover to its hinging, plug into a wall, link up to phono or auxiliary input of ANY stereo receiver, synch turntable EQs with your stereo set-up, and you are off and running. Don’t even think about spending more on a preamplifier -- there is one already built into the PS-LX250 and it automatically regulates audio output.

PS-LX250 has an Old School Sensibility with New School Charm

The PS-LX250’s fully automated functioning provides for a relaxing listening experience that minimizes fuss and protects your records from damage. The unit’s ability to play records at two different speeds means you can enjoy both full album length records and singles. Moreover, the straightforward control system allows you not only to switch easily between different record sizes, but also to slow down and speed up the belt driven system’s speed. The diamond stylus cartridge and automatic tone-arm lift work together to ensure that the PS-LX250 is able to produce fantastic sound without scratching your records.

Specific Features:

Sony brings us back to the basics with their PS-LX250 Turntable, showing us that simplicity and high-quality performance can stand toe to toe with the digital revolution any day.

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