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Stanton ST-150 Professional Turntable

In engineering the ST-150 turntable, Stanton had the straight up, no-bull DJ right in the cross hairs. Meat and potatoes is the order of the day and with this spinner on-deck, Pro jockeys will have everything they expect in a high-end table without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles cutting the jingles out of the pocket.

The 150 is a professional turntable built to last. Like the STR8-150, this is the type of super durable, beefy menace Stanton is making a name of itself for, weighing in at just under 20 lbs. For those looking for a touch of the nostalgic, this table features a height-adjustable S-shaped tone arm instead of the skip-proof, straight tone arm featured on the STR8-150. However, the 150 does house the same monstrous, industry-leading motor as the R8-150, kicking out up to 4.5 kg/cm, giving monstrous DJ’s optimal pressure resilience and playback quality.

Dual start stop switches allow for battle and mix orientations, whatever your pleasure. Electric platter start/break speed adjustment gives DJ’s more control on track timing while the removable target light keeps ‘em on-track at all times, day and night. Selectable phono and line outputs give you more hook up options, and now the added S/PDIF digital outputs allow for hook up to CD/R and computer soundcards too.

Standard table features include:

If you’re looking for a truly stacked turntable to build your reputation with, the ST-150 is it. Stanton built this table on custom musical athleticism designed to cut the wheat from the chafe. DJ’s at the top of the list will recognize the difference. When it comes to DJ’ing Stanton is behind the best.

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