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Stanton STR8-150 Turntable

If you’re looking to dial in one of the tightest set-ups for professional DJ-ing, Stanton has everything you need and more in the STR8-150 Turntable. This is the feature-packed mack daddy turntable on the market for really serious DJ’s making waves today.

If size matters for the DJ relying on consistent, flawless playback, the STR8-150, weighing in at 36 lbs., is no half-pint. Sturdy design ensures superior resilience for gigging DJ’s and the heavy handed scratchers. Those with an abundance of finger-pressure will also be blown away by the monstrous torque of the 4.5 kg/cm direct drive motor, putting more raw power under your wax than most other top-end tables out there.

2 start-stop switches allow for either battle or mixing orientation, and the skip-proof straight tone arm allows for perfected scratching and back cueing with minimal damage to your vinyl and eliminates the need for extra weight on the stylus.

Some of the standard features of this beast include,

Along with the dual RCA phono line outputs, the STR8-150 features S/PDIF digital outputs as well for hooking up to digital recording devices and computer soundcards. This turntable is self-grounding eliminating the need for a clumsy ground wire and, with all removable cables, the STR8-150 has one of the simplest hook-ups on the market. Just take it out of the box and plug it in.

You will look good behind this table as long as it doesn’t up stage you on the fashion front. With classy, understated black and metallic styling and deep-blue LED display back lighting, the table puts the punch in the performance, not in your wallet. The inclusion of slipmats, all cables, mounted headshells, and a top of the line Stanton 680 HP cartridge, is simply icing on the cake.

Every committed DJ is now looking for an excuse to invest in some hardware after eyeing up the STR8-150. Better act like you know!

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