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Stanton T.120 and T.120C Turntables

The Stanton T.120 and T.120C turntables are one step down from the ST-150 but even the most serious DJ’s will recognize that no compromise has been made on the quality of this deck. The straight-arm T.120 and curve-arm T.120C both uphold the diesel craftsmanship reserved for the most competitive turntables on the market, both in and outside of the Stanton line of professional turntables.

The turntable industry gets no slack from Stanton’s comprehensive line of turntables and DJ equipment and you can be sure the T.120 is no exception. Boasting the most powerful direct drive motor with up to 4.5 kg/cm of torque, this table provides only the very best playback, which it shares with Stanton’s other top end turntables, the ST-150 and STR8-150.

The table itself features beautiful aluminum styling and industrial weight to prevent skipping no matter how banging your performance gets. This is also aided by the skip-proof straight tone arm on the 120 but for DJ’s who prefer the curved tone arm Stanton has provided the 120C. Both tone arms are pressure and height adjustable. Dual start/stop buttons for battle and mix orientations further steps up the versatility of this table allowing for an even broader range of DJ’s to feel right at home behind it.

Other T.120 and T.120C features include:

Stanton has effectively built one of the most competitive and loaded lines of turntables now adding the T.120 and 120C. If variety is the spice of life Stanton is living it up. Originally known best for their premier cartridges, Stanton is now on a mission for full-deck cred. This is the takeover.

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