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Stanton T.50 Belt Drive Turntable

The Stanton T.50 turntable is one of the most affordable entry-level turntables on the market and, coincidentally, also happens to be one of the most powerful belt-drive tables on the market, period. Stanton had their sights set on the start-up DJ’s and hardcore vinyl enthusiasts who like to give their music the finest in performance platforms with this model. The cure to the otherwise mediocre and over-priced selection of belt-drive turntables in the industry is finally here! Where professionalism meets affordability; say hello to the Stanton T.50.

Freshly designed with a smooth industrial look, the T.50’s outer appearance reflects the range of professional features packed inside. Such features include its ultra skip-resistant straight tone arm providing precision tracking while scratching or hosting the rowdiest crowds. 2 Start/Stop switches allow DJ’s the choice between either battle set-ups or mixing, and a pitch control slider with an adjustable pitch range of +/- 10% will give you the flexibility and control to keep your sound clean and consistent.

Other standard features included on the T.50 turntable are:

If you’ve been holding out deciding on your first professional DJ set-up; are looking to upgrade to the quality deck your beloved vinyl collection deserves; or just need something casual to kick tunes on in your spare time without dropping your spare cash on unnecessary bells and whistles look no further. The Stanton T.50 turntable will satisfy your every need and save you bread for your next visit to the record store. Stanton: supplying the next generation of DJ’s with the best and only the very best in performance reliability.

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