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Stanton T.60 Direct Drive Turntable

The Stanton T.60 is the most affordable high-quality deck out there for entry-level DJ’s. Whether you’re scratching in your spare time or looking to kick off a new career, do it right with the T.60. The powerful direct drive motor provides more than enough torque to keep playback strong and consistent during scratching even under the heaviest of hands. And with the help of the practically skip-proof straight tone arm, you won’t ever have to worry about your grooves missing a beat.

If you’re worried about looking good, Stanton’s got you covered as always. The clean and simple industrial aluminum styling adds to the T.60’s timeless eye-catching appeal on the shelf. The 2 start and stop switches which permit for either mixing or battle set-ups contribute to its accessibility on the DJ table. The removable target light will keep DJ’s with a steady hand and eye for detail on-track as long as they don’t get mesmerized by its fresh blue LED back lighting.

Other standard features on the T.60 are:

This deck is a truly caliber turntable built with the caliber DJ in mind. This package comes complete with all the necessary cables for a fast and easy hook-up in minutes along with a high-quality headshell-mounted Stanton 500B cartridge, so the only thing you’ll have to do is plug it in. The T.60 will be taking good care of you so Stanton has also included a slip mat and cloth dust cover so you can take just as good care of it.

This is pure affordability without compromise and even the most ambitious wax pushers will find everything they need in a professional set-up with the Stanton T.60 and nothing they don’t. Any DJ dropping loot on other companies’ high-end models will wish they didn’t when they see such a prime deck for the price. Now there’s no excuse not to start spinning!

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