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Stanton T.80 Direct Drive Turntable

Here Stanton is dropping yet another piece of pro-quality machinery: the Stanton T.80 direct drive turntable. Long-time enthusiasts and pro jockeys alike will find everything they need to spin hits and move crowds with the T.80 turntable. Its low-profile no-frills design mixed with a powerful direct drive motor, this deck is a combination of features that is guaranteed to serve it up again and again.

As with all Stanton turntables, the T.80 features a meaty, futuristic design and a very appealing look. The owerful 8-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor backs this deck up as more than just a pretty set-up.

The static balanced, straight tone-arm with cardan suspension provides the most consistent tracking and skip-resistance in the industry for heavy handed scratching and the likely event of rumbling dance floors.

The dual start/stop switches allow for your choice in table orientation whether you prefer mix or battle set-ups. Also this deck offers unique digital features such as Key Lock, which allows DJ’s to change the tempo without distorting the pitch as wells as S/PDIF outputs, optimal for archiving and hooking up to digital mixers.

Other features include:

· Manual operation
· 33, 45, and 78 rpm motor speeds
· Phono and line outputs
· Pitch control with a range of +/- 8% and 12%
· Quartz lock
· Target light

This is an optimal turntable choice for DJ’s who are looking for something in a turntable other than the run-of-the-mill bells and whistles. The T.80 is ready to spin right out of the box coming fully equipped with a high-quality Stanton 500B cartridge, a slip mat, cloth dust cover and all cables included! Just pull it out and hook it up.

This is truly the brass tacks, representing the premier durable quality and long lasting reliability Stanton is known for. In the home or in the dancehall, DJ’s are gonna feel nice behind the T.80 and fortunately your wallet will too.

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