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Stanton T.90 USB Turntable

For avant-garde DJ’s working closely with digital media and computer-based music, the Stanton T.90 USB turntable is a sight for sore eyes.

The T.90 is a cut above other USB turntables on the market, coming fully equipped with all the standard features professional DJ’s expect out of a high-end turntable. The T.90 represents the dawning of a bright future in the world of digital DJing.

As with other USB turntables, the USB and digital connections are great for archiving as well as playing music from a computer hard drive through the deck. This is where the similarities stop; however, and where Stanton goes the extra mile. While the lure in this table is certainly the USB connection, the T.90 has all the features required to qualify right alongside other professional turntables.

This is a manual, 3-speed table featuring a powerful 8-pole, brushless DC direct drive motor supplying critical torque for clean, consistent sound. The S-shaped tone arm provides superior tracking and minimal distortion. And, unique to the T.90 among USB tables, are S/PDIF out put and key lock for digital tempo.

The dual start/stop buttons allow for different orientation options. Elegantly designed, this table is made of high-quality aluminum for extra-stable weight, industrial-strength durability and timeless style. Another nifty feature you won’t find on other USB turntables is the reverse playback button.

As with the other top-end tables, on the T.90 you will find:

This is the quintessential turntable for the digital-generation of DJ’s. No other USB turntable has so much to offer professional DJ’s and since Stanton has every angle covered, they will find that the T.90 is a very capable deck for gigging and home use. The future is here, say hello to the Stanton T.90.

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