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Stanton Turntable

Stanton is a leading producer of turntable needle cartridges. Most of their audio equipment is geared for the professional DJ, but home audiophiles find the quality of the audio equipment is outstanding.

A Look at Stanton’s History

In 1946, Stanton Magnetics was born. Walter Stanton invented a removable stylus cartridge for use in magnetic cartridges. These cartridges would become an essential part of turntables.

While Stanton is known for its high-torque turntable motors and quality cartridges, they do sell other items including mixers and the “FinalScratch,” a revolutionary turntable system that enables DJs to scratch music files from their computer using a turntable.

Popular Stanton Turntables

After developing the magnetic cartridge system, Stanton Magnetics has proven itself a leader in turntable technology. Their professional systems are top of the line.

DJLab 2: Here is a system for any DJ. The DJLab 2 contains it all. Enjoy twin T 60 turntables, twin 500B mounted cartridges, the M 201 two-channel mixer and a pair of DJ PRO 80 headphones. This complete system makes it easy and affordable for any professional to get started as a DJ.

ST 150: Stanton’s ST 150 is a high torque turntable crafted from steel for durability. This DJ turntable is not loaded with fancy features, but it does contain the most desired features such as a straight tone arm that eliminates skips. Pitch adjustment controls, speed controls, reverse and digital outputs round out the nice selection of tools. Play your 33 1/3s, 45s and 78s on this model.

STR8 150: The STR8 150 contains the highest torque motor on the market. Constructed from durable steel, your turntable is not going to wear out. Features are impressive and include an anti-skip tone arm, stable record platter, key correction, reverse and digital output. Stanton’s STR8 150 turntable plays 33s, 45s and 78s.

T 50: This is the best turntable for beginners. The T 50 is a basic model with a belt-drive motor, anti-skip tone arm, dual start/stop controllers, pitch control and RCA outputs. DJs can play 33s or 45s on this model. It’s affordable and a great addition to any audio set up.

T 60: Similar to Stanton’s other base models, the T 60 is their most affordable turntable. The simple design offers a lot of function. The direct-drive turntable plays either 33s or 45s with ease. Enjoy the features, such as: dual start/stop switches, pitch control, RCA outputs and target light.

T 80: The T 80 includes built-in quartz key lock for tempo adjustments, digital output, dual start/stop switches, fabric dust cover, high-torque motor and a straight tone arm. This player handles 33s, 45s and 78s.

T 90 USB: When you want a high-torque direct drive motor and USB connectivity, the T 90 USB delivers! It’s packed with handy features like digital output, low distortion, an anti-skip tone arm and key lock. Plus, the T 90 USB can play 33s, 45s and 78s.

T 120: Stanton’s T 120 comes with either an adjustable straight tone arm or an adjustable curved tone arm (C option). It features the best torque motor in the world. Crafted from sturdy aluminum, the turntable withstands excessive use. Other features include motor off, twin start/stop buttons, reverse, speed adjustments and more.


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