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Technics SL-BD20D Semi-Automatic Turntable

Technics SL-BD20D is the belt drive turntable needed to play all those albums packed away waiting to be spun once again. With simple semi-automatic features, the BD20D is the affordable and all around easiest way to get back into that desirable vinyl sound.

The SL-BD20D: Back to Basics

With only four major controls and one outstanding purpose the Technics SL-BD20D is an excellent entry-level turntable for anyone looking to get their vinyl collection back in rotation. The set up is amazingly easy and with the push of a button and a drop of the needle, you are making great sounds.

The BD20D plays all your 33-rpm LPs and comes with a 45-rpm adapter. There is also a pitch adjustor wheel on the side of the machine that can be used at both 33-rpm and 45-rpm settings.

Technics gave the SL-BD20D a simple construction as well. The body is made of plastic and metal and has an overall black finish. Included is a clear acrylic dust cover that is hinged but detachable as well. The whole unit only weighs 5.5 lbs and the dimensions are relatively small, which is good for discreet placement in your homes.

The SL-BD20D has an Anti-resonant TNRC base to cancel out and unwanted reverberation coming from below the system. On the inside, the BD20D comes with a FC servo control DC motor and a semi-automatic belt drive, which together ensures accurate platter rotation.

Let’s Get Specific

Technics SL-BD20D is simple indeed, but when you break it apart into the specific features, one can see that you are getting quality products for a very reasonable price. For typically under $200 you can have the attributes and excellence that Technics is known for. Here are some more specifics from the SL-BD20D Belt Drive turntable:

• Straight, low-mass tone arm
• Plug-in connection high performance Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge
• Semi-automatic auto-return and shut off
• Cue-control slider to lift the stylus up and down (for pause control and accurate needle placement)
• T4P P-Mount Plug-in Connector System

Its easy operation and affordable pricing are evidence enough that the SL-BD20D is a great choice whether you are just getting into vinyl or are missing the sounds of music you fell in love with years ago.

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