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A division of Panasonic, Technics produces quality audio equipment. Among their popular products are headphones, turntables and mixers.

Company History of Technics

Technics dates back to the 1960s when Matsushita needed a name for their new line of speakers. While they received some attention, they certainly didn’t become a household name at this point.

In 1969, Matsushita developed the SP-10, the first professional direct-drive turntable. This caught the world’s attention and helped launch Technics into the limelight. A few years later, the SL-1100 came out and gained the attention of DJ Kool Herc who used it in his sound system. People really began to take notice now.

In the 1990s, Technics released their first vertical turntable and this has helped cement their grasp on the industry. Professionals from around the world trust in Technics products.

Technics’ Popular Turntable Models

Technics offers analog and digital turntables. Professionals love the durable construction and sound buffering qualities.

SL 1200MK2: Technics’ SL 1200MK2 is one of their most durable models. Designed to eliminate vibrations, the turntable provides great audio. The tone arm features adjustable weights and anti-skip. In addition, LED lighting helps you see where things are in a dimmer environment. Other features include pitch control and a low-speed, high-torque motor.

SL 1210M5G: Technics released the SL 1210M5G in the early 2000s. Known as the “Grand Master” of turntables, the SL 12010M5G is extremely durable and always performs better than expected. Features include digital pitch control, adjustable braking and a balanced tone arm that resists skipping.

SL 1210MK5: The SL 1210MK5 is loaded with beneficial features. DJs love the ability to adjust their braking speed. With a screwdriver, it takes little effort to control the speed of your music. Quartz locked pitch control, an instant pitch reset button, LED lighting on the stylus and a sunken power switch are also found on this model.

SL BD20D: The SL BD20D is a semi-automatic turntable that comes with a very affordable price. It plays speeds of 33 1/3 or 45 rpm. The lightweight tone arm, anti-vibration base and DC motor help ensure superior audio. A durable dust cover is part of the design, but Technics kept the controls on the outside making it easy to keep the cover down while your music is playing.



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