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Vestax BDT-2600 Belt Drive Turntable

The Vestax BDT-2600 is set up to play most any vinyl in any format on any system. It comes ready for easy portability, simple featured playing, and reliable longtime use and convenience that will satisfy all your vinyl needs and wants.

The BDT-2600 Is User Friendly

The Vestax BDT-2600 was created for playing on almost any mixer, amp, or hi-fi system. With a special on-board pre-amp there is no need to purchase a separate mixer or pre-amp, and all you need to do is plug into any system’s LINE input.

There is no grounding necessary, allowing the BDT-2600 to be played on any stereo system and with a LINE/PHONO switch, the BDT-2600 can be used on any DJ mixer or amp as well.

The Uses of the BDT-2600

This high quality turntable system is perfect for any audiophile or collector. It is easy and compatible for play on any system and if you are ready to back log your collection on the computer the BDT-2600 makes that possible. The direct LINE input plug-in feature on the BDT-2600 makes it easy to digitalize your vinyl collection or for producers to record samples after they have been crate digging. With a sturdy metal chassis body, the BDT-2600 makes playback and recording less “messy” and more enjoyable for the listener.

Though the Vestax BDT-2600 seems ideal for playing vinyl or sending audio to the computer, with a belt drive construction, please do not feel compelled to get down and start scratching, as the BDT-2600 is not meant for such use.

Features of the BDT-2600

The Vestax BDT-2600 is constructed with an isolated PRB FRX 25.0 belt, Belt Drive system and a DC Servo motor that allows for quiet, constant, and stable rotation. With a simple press of a start button on the top of the deck, your playing will get started.

The BDT-2600 has settings at 33 1/3-rpm and 45-rpm but with two pitch controls at “main” pitch “fine” pitch, you can adjust the sound up to 78-rpm. In truth you can use these pitch controls to set the speed anywhere from 16-rpm to 98-rpm continuously.

More Specs:
• Vestax durable “S” tone arm can be played at almost any angle
• Comes with a Vestax slip mat, cartridge, and stylus
• A hinged and detachable dusk-cover is included
• Bypass switch for conventional PHONO use

Manufacturer's Product Details: Vestax



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