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Vestax PDX-3000Mix Direct Drive Turntable

The Vestax PDX-3000Mix turntable has become the new most versatile turntable on the market. Whether you are working as a scratch or mix DJ, this turntable fits your needs with the highest quality products and new advanced technology to boost your creativity..

The PDX-3000Mix Gets Into Customizing

The Vestax crew has enhanced the DJ experience like never before by adding some new features to the PDX-3000Mix. There is a Torque Simulator System adjusting knob that allows you to set the rotation torque of the DC direct drive motor. Alongside this is a brake speed-adjusting knob that does just that. Together these controls can be set for the likings of a turntablist wanting constant motor speed or for the DJ mixing songs who needs precise speed control to match the pitch. And let’s not forget the one-touch reverse button that spins the plate back instantly.

Like the other PDX series, the PDX-3000Mix comes with two pitch adjustment sliders that have been tightened more than before and have heavier sliders for precise control over the pitch. The slides together can give you a combination of +/-60% pitch control.

Vestax Satisfies More Technical Needs

The PDX-3000Mix comes now with a new S-type tone arm compared to their other straight tone arms on the prior PDX models. This tone arm is made of an aluminum that gets better sound quality output and pickup tones. The new tone arm is set with superior bearings for better track movement and accuracy.

The tone arm base is adjustable in height for better pressure and precision setting on all types of vinyl played on the decks.

The Vestax PDX-3000Mix is the first turntable to employ a MIDI input on the back of the turntable. This input works with any external MIDI device and is used to control pitch settings (control the rotation speed of the motor).

Vestax again used its DC Direct Drive motor with such a powerful torque that the PDX-3000Mix can start up from rest to the desired rpm in 0.5sec. The motor runs digitally with a 32bit CPU that reacts at amazingly fast speeds.

Specs on PDX-3000Mix Sound Quality

• Tone arm base is cushioned with rubber to absorb vibrations from the body and prevent feedback going into the body
• Strong foamed ABS plastic body works to eliminate feedback
• Air suspension insulators or feet are designed with rubber and air space to absorb unwanted vibrations and pesky feedback

The PDX-3000Mix is great for any DJ trying to progress on their creativity and style.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Vestax



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