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Vestax HandyTrax Portable Belt Drive Turntable

The Vestax HandyTrax turntable is one the most portable and convenient turntables on the market and hardly damages your wallet. It is perfect for any trip you indulge in with your beloved vinyl.

HandyTrax Portability

From the very start, the HandyTrax has a portable protective carrying case and handle construction that when opened, a turntable is accessible. Weighing only 5 lbs, the HandyTrax can be brought anywhere with ease.

Whether you are crate digging or trying to start a party in the middle of the park, Vestax HandyTrax makes this possible. There is a built-in speaker that is at the highest sound quality for its size and purpose. It is enough to not have to second-guess the sounds from the vinyl you found in the basement of the record store when you get back home for another listen. Also the HandyTrax has a headphones output and a RCA line output for easy connection to any stereo system.

If you were concerned about how the HandyTrax gets its juice, the answer again relates to its portability. This turntable has the option of using a detachable 12V power plug or can be run on six “D” batteries that will last up to 65 hours of playtime.

More HandyTrax Convenient Features

The Vestax HandyTrax turntable can be switched between 33, 45, and 78-rpm, and you can adjust the pitch and tone easily with control knobs that work at each speed of play. There is also a level adjustment slide for the built-in speaker and works toward any external device as well.

The HandyTrax comes with a 3.5mm stereo line input so other devices can be played through the turntable’s speaker and allows the mixing of external signals with the vinyl.
Vestax provides an all-in-one durable tone arm, cartridge, and stylus that can be played at any angle comfortably. Overall there are great specs that are more than desirable:

• Durable carrying case
• Built-in speaker
• 3.5mm headphone jack
• 3.5mm line input
• RCA output
• Tone, pitch, and level controls
• 33,45, and 78-rpm
• Belt drive motor

The Vestax HandyTrax is perfect for any DJ or music collector that is on the go searching for vinyl gems in old basements or if your space is limited for only a small turntable.

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