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Vestax Turntables

While they may have changed their product line since their debut, Vestax has earned a reputation for creating quality DJ gear.

The History of Vestax

In 1977, Vestax engineers designed and manufactured a line of guitars for professionals. By the 1980s, they changed course and started manufacturing multi-track cassette equipment. This would shape their new direction when they proved to be stiff competition for competitors like Yamaha.

It was in the 1990s that Vestax turned their attention to professional turntables. Their first line of turntables seemed better than competitor models, but buyers were not as convinced.

Over time, people started seeing the true value of Vestax’s key advancement, the straight tone arm. In addition, Vestax came out with guitar effects in its line of mixers adding increased interest in their line of DJ equipment.

Best Turntable Models Offered by Vestax

While Vestax offers a fine line of DJ equipment, their turntables are often overlooked. These are their popular models.

BDT 2600: The BDT 2600 comes in either white or black. The S-shaped tone arm resists skipping. The user can easily select the speed from 16 to 98 rpm making it easy to play any record. The metal construction reduces vibration while ensuring durability.

Handy Trax: Vestax’s Handy Trax stands out. Start with the Handy Trax carrying case that is made up from the turntable that attaches to the rigid dust cover. The dustcover includes a built-in carrying handle. Other impressive features on the Handy Trax include the option of running the player off electricity or battery, a durable tone arm, outputs for line and headphone, built-in speaker and pitch control.

PDX 2000MK11PRO: Geared for professionals, the PDX 2000MK11PRO offers an adjustable, anti-skip tone arm and higher platter. The high-powered torque motor features the fastest start up on the market. Other features include a pitch control fader, a reverse switch, RCA cable and rubberized feet for reducing vibrations.

PDX 3000Mix: Vestax’s PDX 3000Mix comes with a MIDI connection. This makes it easy to use computer to optimize sound quality. The high-powered torque motor is adjustable making it easy to set the torque to your liking. Other handy aspects to this turntable include the pitch control fader, quartz lock and adjustable tone arm.


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